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How To Fill my Free Time is a Usefull and Not Boring Thing?

How To Fill my Free Time is a Usefull and Not Boring Thing?

You study at school, collage or boarding school every day. But when you get bored, what are you doing? Is there a hobby that you can do? Or is there another job that fill your empty time?

A many of us, often not thinking about that. So we have a lot of  time empty or i can said “we are aware of  our time again”. This question is how we fill our free time with usefull activities. Here are tips that you might do in your free time.

Some way you might do is :

1. Do your hobbies

Hobbies are an activity that we often do in our spare time. So often the activity is done until we like to do it repeatedly or have become a habit. Research proves that doing our hobbies in free time can reduce a person’s stress levels. For this reason, the hobby is very effective in eliminating stress from activities that are too serious and also useful for our lives. 

2. Read some book 

Next is reading a book. Why does reading the book usefull? Because all sciences today come from books other than the study of a scientist. For that book is very important and also many benefits. For example if we want to make research usually we will take refernces from the book. Not only that, reading books can also add our insight to what we have read. So, there’s nothing wrong with reading books at your empty time. Tips for you when reading a book is sitting calm, relax, you can also read a book while drinking coffee or tea even while listening to music.

3. Learn other things related to your dreams and ideals

As a human, we have desires and dreams. Someone want like this, someone so. But everything must be achieved really. It doesn’t hurt we prepare from now what we need in our future later. For example we want to be a businessman, then we will recognize what business and are also experienced famous figures so that they can motivate us to follow them.

4. Satisfy your curiousty with something you want to know

Usually we often get a thought of something and want to know more deeply. The curiousty will continue until we know this. Therefore no need to think long. Immediately find out the thing makes you curious about you is at empty time. You can search google or ask the experts so that curiousty is not sustainable. Usually we want know about news that is hot or viral. And think about what you want to know is usefull or not and don’t be in vain.

5. Prepare yourself after graduating from scholl

There’s nothing wrong with starting now you have thought about what to do in the future. Do you want to continue learning then look for scholls, university or other you are interested in or you can prepare to get a scholarship. So prepare it well. And if you want to apply for a job then prepare yourself too. Get to know yourself and choose a job that suits you. By doing this a long way, you will not be confused later.

6. Do other usefull things

After everything mentioned above, you can do other usefull activities that you think are usefull. For examples help parents, listen to music, add languange vocaulary, see motivational videos, find out the most andvanced latest technology and much more. You can do it in your free time. Do play game also usefull? According to right and left brain research must be balanced. When we think, we use our left brain. While we play, creative we use our right brain. There’s nothing useless with playing games in your spare time. But you have to keep your time and don’t let the game make you addicted and forget everything.

So what i can write. Remeber to always appreciate time because time is very valuable. A second you’re going throught can’t be able to come back again. And your life is you who determine. Regret is only at the end. Greeting for me, i am from Indonesia.

Please criticize and you suggestions if there is a wrong.

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