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The Key To a Successful Life

The Key To a Successful Life
This article discusses the Principle of Successful Life, we take the example as a bus passenger.

If we were potential passengers on a bus, which of the following three drivers would we choose?

The first bus driver. He always looked at the left and right mirrors and the mirror in the middle to pay attention to the situation behind. He did not realize that in front of him there was a traffic light that was flashing red, or someone was crossing the road, or there was a 'speed bump', etc. so that something he didn't want could happen like an accident or something.

Second bus driver. He always looked far ahead, in the intended direction. He was unaware that another car would overtake him or the traffic lights in front of him were flashing red, or there were people crossing the road, or there were 'speed bumps', and so on.

The third bus driver. He knows exactly the destination he wants to go so he knows the direction ahead that must be taken. Also based on his experience, he realized that occasionally he had to look in his left, right and center mirrors to anticipate the conditions behind him. And most importantly, this driver pays full attention to the road ahead that is being passed.

Almost all of us will choose the third bus driver because we are more confident, we can reach our destination without neglecting safety throughout the trip.
In fact, many people unconsciously act as well as the first and second drivers. Even more alarming are people who actually realize that they are acting like the first and second drivers but have never seriously tried to make a transformation or change from being a third driver who actually has a 'safer and sure way to drive' in achieving goals .

The first bus driver is a person who is always immersed in his past, good or bad, success or failure, and others. He paid less attention to the present and did not try to determine the direction and purpose of his life. If he can turn back time he chooses to return to the past.

The second bus driver is a person who is full of ambition and passion to achieve many things in his life in the future. He pays little attention to the present and has very little to learn from his past experiences to be used as a lever for himself in dealing with his life now and in the future. If possible time will be played back by him faster into the future.
 The third bus driver is someone who pays attention to the present, to the present moment by always concentrating on whatever he is facing.

If we can become the third driver and be able to practice mindfulness at all times, little by little the results we achieve from every activity we do will increase in quality. In the end we will become better and more qualified people who are able to compete in the tight competition of professional and social life today.

Not that we are prohibited from remembering the past or planning and thinking about the future. However, we consciously and precisely place ourselves, our thoughts and concerns in relation to the three time horizons (past, present and future). Use the past as experiences and lessons to be better, and the future as a guide, a guide and a vision for the future in our lives. The most important thing is to give our totality to the present, then the future will eventually become the present and move into the past which we will never regret because it has been filled as well as possible.
Thus this article about the Principle of Successful Life. may be useful.

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