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The Role of Trees in Recycling Carbon

Tree could to be friend or opponent in face up the wind , stay How we arrange it so he not upside down inviting danger .

Windy region presence tree to be very means but this too still could seen from two side . First , Tree could utilized as tool anchoring that wind too tight . did he can be utilized as " Producer the wind " makes we feel comfortable , role next rather opposite , tree precisely to be threat , if only tree that is uprooted and eat up the victim .

Following this role positive Tree In Recycling Reset it Carbon

1. Settlement the wind ,  

about this Qodarian Pramukanto a designer landscape the same lecturer Architecture The landscape at IPB argues , indeed right if in place - certain especially in the form of plain large tree functioned as breaker wind (windbreak), which must be noticed is type tree Her, generally suitable in use as breaker wind is type - the type tree fir (conifer, aka tree) leafy needle ). Trees - Tree cypress normal planted lined up on the land agriculture so that the wind so more friendly.

Trees that grow not know season this have characteristics that are very corresponding as breaker the wind , narrow leaves porous against wind, in other words leaves - leaves needle this not hold back wind , but filter it , so that power wind too apply on form tree tall pine slim . besides that stem cypress very bending when buffeted wind stem his swerving contortion not will broken . root fir is also famous strong so that not easy uprooted .

Besides fir , bamboo many used Indonesian people for muffle that wind too tight , bamboo rods too have flexural properties and leaves - leaves Her smooth section small , with so wind with so wind could permanent passing in the gap - a gap stem bamboo and not it blocked same once . For effect defense more big , generally bamboo planted in a manner in layers.

2. Result The wind ,

this not means trees in a manner directly issue the wind , he only help the process of occurrence movement air aka wind in sekala small.

This tricks that are often done architect landscape in designing the park . in a manner theory , air will move if there is difference pressure whether caused by temperature or humidity , there is the tree which is evaporation low , deep water himself not many uapkan to air type this well used as tree shade . its characteristics that is among them leaf tree that has layer candles , like tree ketapang , nyamplung , or various plants that grow on the beach .

On the other hand placed pool or a fountain that will produce evaporation high. Well the difference pressure in between these two areas will create movement air although not movement Great uadara and skin we are capable feel it is .

3. So it's a boomerang, 

vice versa if trees planted not accordingly , precisely danger that will harvested , not compliance here could in the form of less exactly election type tree or treatment to tree that alone , in an all - time era instant this , inside plant trees are the people want all - round fast , to grow fast tree propagated with how to be bent or cuttings .

Qodarian explain , breeding in a manner vegetative this will produce plant with root fiber , different with breeding with generative through seeds , which produce root support as its parent . root fiber less strong gripping soil so that less right if rooted trees fibers functioned as anchoring the wind .

Plant plant with endemic, or occupants original a habitat has profit alone . Local plants are genetically already suitable live in place origin , so that possibility he attacked disease or experience abnormalities grow up . he more secure planted in the yard or edge the way . not need just like that come along trend as some time then busy - busy people grow glodogan pole as   plant step aside the way . that more important adjust type tree with its use so that he function maximum .

Why Tree Easy Uprooted

Many already we hear case tree uprooted because wind toned request victim from House and damaged car to victim soul , and often that collapses precisely tree shade in the city - the city big . This in fact showing a strong correlation between the place grow and treatment human to the tree that resulted tree uprooted .

According to Qodarian Pramukanto designer Landscape and IPB lecturers, trees - trees shade in the middle city , generally have room motion are greatly free , besides large land the place growth very narrow, land on it in the given pavement in the form of conblock , cement, even asphalt . even though in a manner theory growth the ideal tree is the big one canopy and the roots balanced . If there is tree shade canopy his reach a diameter of 6 m, at least as big as that's also the root that grows down .

not trees are rare to be victim widening the way . if on the sidewalk that you want to spread there is in part root trees that block , without think long root that is directly on the piece, the same thing will do if there is project excavation pipe , with condition as this root not develop optimal results because the roots not strong hold back exposure wind trees are easy too collapsed .

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