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The Meaning Of Love In Islam

   assalamualaikum MadSuk.com friend how news day this ? hopefully   given health always by the creator , amiiin ...! 
is Friend MadSuk ever feel love ? certainly ever ! Then How view Islam About meaning love , let's go see following article this .

About Love

Habib Abdulloh bin alwy Al Haddad radhiallahu ' anhu said :

" Love that started from know (ma'rifat). "A the old saying goes , no know then not love.

              Writing this try review cintsa para please to the khaliq. At least we have a picture concretely about essence a love in real meaning. Not love palsuyang only bring we on fantasy brimmed , however love is delivering a lover on beauty eternal in the heaven .

              Many told from the books sala , how about it a lovers who each what he saw , he felt , he heard only remind to God. How maybe p that could happened ? is love as that not too grandiose and not maybe achieved ?

              Jwabannya will you find out in written advice by Al Imam Habib Abdulloh bin Alwi Haddad Aal inside his book , Risalatul Mu'awanah . B e liau explain subject matter about love to God with clear language and loaded fill in . it certain because he own Indeed has been reach mahabbah he meant that . What 's written in his writing not just like that illusion , moreover just like that theory blank just like that . As picture simple about love , contemplate example simple under this :

              Seor a ng mother , when   the middle fun shop in a supermarket, without on purpose his view aimed at on ice cream orderly interesting in Freezer lids glass . mother that stunned for a moment . His mind teringa t on children are still small. Similarly, when his view crushed on a cute little pair of sandals. Imagined the child wear it . Whatever he see always remind you mother this on anakya.Es cream , small sandals , dolls , toys , all make remembered on his child . Why ? The answer : Love

              That is so love the people please to God, heart they only aimed at on God in all gestures they are . Love they already thus deep to haya to God heart they are fixated .

              Narrated that a Abu Darda radiallahu ' anhu is a best friend enjoy love to God with always do prayers sunnah . Anywhere there is chance for prayer , for sure not will he waste , must the middle is located in the middle its famous palm gardens nicest between the palm trees there is .

              Something when when Abu Darda was ' engrossed doing Salat in the middle his garden , he saw the birds arrived eat up flowers dates that are soon enough to be fruit . I want it or not want view that bother his heart is fun communicate to Allah Azza wajalla . Not need time for against worry his heart. Moment after prayer , immediately found The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu'alaihi wasallam . " Yes Rasulullah , truly kebu my head has been meram fitting my concentration when prayer . Then from kebu immediately charity now also ... " Rasulullah receive intention good Abu Darda . But with wise Prophet tell Aaabu Darda permanent merwat his garden and give away results the harvest on brothers in need .

The story of Abu Darda Indeed very difficult adapted in the times this . However at least story this can inspire we for fix yourself . Start a step new in know God, then good luck footpath reach stage mahabbah to Allah subhanahu wata'ala . How stages love to this God can happened .

              Imam Abdulloh bin Alwy Al Haddad explained :

              " Levels Lowest from mahabbah is when feeling love to God has beat love a servant to besides God . "

              Love in stage Lowest this is bravery reject things that are wrathed by God even though invited by people we love and love. This new the lowest stage from a love to God.

Recently this the homeland is horrendous by a Asian athlete of the games were forced disqualified because keukeuh maintain the principle use hijab . Many of them touched it unuk obey rules for take off hijab for events that might be is a the only one in his life for appear in the event Sports prestigious that .

              In fact not p difficult for him take off hijab and follow championship then back veiled after event over. Simple and easy . But with all consequently , athletes this give up he eliminated from the event championship sport that has been many years   he did . Salakah he ? Same once no . Even should he got medal honor on his courage hold on firm on principle . Event certainly is a slap hard for we are sometimes with easy breaking the rules of the khaliq d emi obeyed regulations creature

" Anyone the person , don't obeyed when invited immoral to God. "

              The question now is , have you? we already reach stage Lowest   mahabbah this ? How level highest inta sense to God?

              Al Imam Abdulloh bin Alwy Al Haddad explained :

" Levels highest darirasa love to God is not left over one bit of love for besides Allah. Hundred percent the idea only for God alone . "

              Great love this very rare , heavy , and i special . Maintain love on level this far more weight again . What happened when a servant reach level this ? All character human to be lost , late and drowned in love it . A directly lost her pain like that hear crying his child when born . A father, lost feeling tired and tired , when look her children eat with voraciously. pain give birth , tired and tired when working under the   hot sun is a human feeling . All that lost with love. so is the mahabbah in the heart para please . They feel delicious when worship to God. Rakaat for rakaat do with khusyu ' up to not mersakan circumstances around . Sayyidina Ali Zayyinal Abidin not knowing that the place worship burn out great . Even though , people are around House feel overheating when try put out fire that .

              "What's wrong ? Why suddenly all scorched ? Tanyany a full surprise after end prayer

              " O grandchild Rasulullah ! Isn't it you know fire burn building this with great ? Even thus great until we yng outside House feel overheating extraordinary . "

              "Really, little did I not feel it's hot . The verse that I read just now remind I on fire hell to fire world not I feel the heat , " concluded Imam Ali zainal Abidin .

              Rabi'ah Al Adawiyah ever said , " It's not I worship God because want enter heaven . I not   employees only want work when paid full . I same once not as that . I worship to her only because my love to him .

              Wallahhua'lam answer

"I hope day this knowledge beneficial in the world and hereafter amiiin ………………………… !!! "


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