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Respecting Factors In Looking for SCIENCE


      assalamualaikum for euphoric friends of Islamic faith and peace of mind for non-Muslim euphoric friends
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eufor's best friend at this time we discussed about barriers in seeking knowledge (especially good science)
every thing must have factors - factors that influence it both good and bad factors, then the key to success in finding something in between is to identify the factors that influence it.
As for the limiting factors in seeking knowledge, among others, namely:

1.    Wrong Intention

Intention is the basis and harmony in a charity. If the intention is bad then it will become damaged in accordance with the level of damage and ugliness in its intentions, as Rosululloh said:
 وانما لكل امرئ ما نوى .انما الاعمال باالنيات
"Indeed, the charity depends on its intention and each person will get a reward from the aml in accordance with what he wants." (Mutafaqqun 'Alaih).
If the intention has been interfered with with dirty goals in all its forms, such as wanting to appear, want to be famous, or want to master a majlis, then this will be a barrier for those who have that intention in seeking knowledge.
Intention is sometimes contaminated by things that can damage it, however, God will always be with those who do good. As stated in His word,
"But the people who strive for (seeking worship) us, we will show them the way - our way. And truly, Allah is with those who do good. "(QS.Al - Ankabuut: 69)
              While the priest Sufyan Ats - Tsauri Rahimahullah (with the nature of wara 'and the glory that he has) once said: "There is no one explanation that is harder for me to treat than than intention"
              If a priest is Ats - Tsauri just how things are, then what about us? ! Therefore, it is fitting for us to focus on studying.

2.    Want to be Famous and Search for Popularity

This actually falls into the category of intentions. But because of the importance of this problem, it must be described separately.
Want to be famous and look for popularity is a chronic disease that no one survives, except those who are guarded by Allah Ta'ala .
Rasululloh Shallallhu 'Alaihi Wasallam said:
"Verily the man who was first taken away on the Day of Judgment is three people; - He called it one of them, "And someone who studies science (Religion) and teaches it, then he also reads the Qur'an, then shows him various pleasures, so that he knows it clearly, Allah Ta'ala asks," What has do you do it? "He replied," I have learned science (Religion) and taught me that I also read the Qur'an for your sake . "Allah Ta'ala Berfirman" You are a lie, but you learn science and teach it, to say that you are a person " alim, and you also read the Qur'an to say that you are a person who is adept at reading the Qur'an, and now you have said it like that. "Then he was instructed, so that he was dragged on his face, then he was thrown into in hell fire ... "(HR. Muslim)
              One day Umar bin Khattab Allah be pleased 'anhu saw a crowd of people who were following Ubay bin Ka'ab, so he rebuked him (Ubay) while saying "Stop that action ! Because actually it becomes a slander (trial) for people who are followed and humiliated for those who follow. "( Al-I'tisham. Ash-Syatibi's Work)

3.    Negligent Attend the science council

The Ulama 'salaf said, " العلم يؤتى ولاياءتى "Which means: Science is visited, not come. But now, we can say "Science comes alone, not us who come with it, except for just a few things."
Currently many scientific assemblies are formed and the lessons learned are also many. If you don't use it, surely you will bite your fingers regretfully later in the day, which is of no use. If the good that is in the assemblies - the science assemblies are only in the form of calm for those who attend it, and the grace of Allah Ta'ala which includes them, surely these two things will be enough as a driver to attend the assembly of knowledge. Then what if he knew that, the person who attended the assembly of science would get two good fortune, namely the useful knowledge and reward of the hereafter.

4.    Reasonable with lots of busyness

This includes the temptation of shaitan to humans as a barrier in studying. How many of our brothers have been advised and motivated to be active in seeking religious knowledge, but shaitan never despaired to persuade him so that the man did not feel that he had been tempted by shaitan. Often a person reasoning is too busy so he cannot attend the science council so that his absence in the science assembly has a clear reason.

5.    Throw away of Learning Opportunities in Young Time

Parents will be jealous when they see younger people who are more enthusiastic and earlier come to the assembly of science. He will feel jealous when he sees small children and young men have succeeded in memorizing the Qur'an. He regretted his youth which was not utilized as well as possible to study science and memorize the Qur'an. As a result, when he wanted to memorize the Qur'an and study in his old age, there was a lot of activity and many guests visited him day and night. that's why AL - Hasan Al - Basri Rahimahulloh said ,
طلب الحديث في الصغيز كا لنقص في الحجز
" Learning to study hadith on a small time is like carving on a rock."
Therefore, before we are preoccupied by other people, bothered with various matters, and regret it like people who experience it, then use youth to demand 'knowledge, especially the science of Religion.Because the essence of our whole age is the opportunity to study, Allah the Exalted says "And worship your god to be sure to come to you." (QS.Al - Hijr: 99)

6.    Reluctant to seek knowledge

Among the causes of being reluctant to seek knowledge is the reason for concentrating on following the latest information and knowing what is happening. Regarding this problem, humans are different in reacting, there is an excess, there are some who underestimate and there are those who react wisely. the first and second attitude is the wrong attitude.
The knowledge that you are looking for encourages you to know your circumstances. You cannot overcome the problem or disaster that befalls you except by putting it on the scales of the Shari'a. A poet says,
"Shari'a is the scale of all problems, and witnesses of the branch of the problem and its principal" ( Al-masaaajid prayer, p. 110)

7.    Assessing Yourself

What is intended is someone who likes to praise himself, and he also gives nicknames that he likes for himself. He is also happy when other people praise him. it is true that human praise for a believer is good news from Allah Ta'ala immediately for him. Abu Hurairah Radhiyallahu Anhu once asked the Prophet sallahu Alaihi Wasallam about someone who did something good, and people saw it so they praised it. then the Prophet sallahu alaihi wasallam said "
" تلك عاجل بشز المؤمن "
" That is the good news that is immediately rushed for a believer" ( HR. Muslim , in the book
Al - Birr)
In the Qur'an, many have been mentioned regarding the dangers of self-praise including: (QS.Ali Imron: 188), (QS.An - Najm: 32), (QS.Al - Nisaa ': 49) etc.
Lessons that can be learned here, let us be careful about being good at ourselves. explode we are careful of the act of including a title in a name with a title that we do not have. Because whoever rushes to get something, he does not get it.

8.    Not Practicing Science

No megamalka knowledge is included in one of the factors contributing to the lack of knowledge.
Allah Ta'ala has criticized the person who does not practice his knowledge, as in his word "(it is) hated by Allah if you say what you do not do" (QS.As - Shaf: 3).
N aka Mengamalka science helps to keep science itself , science also will not diminish if it is not practiced in the same way as world assets, except for the treasure in sodakajat, then mathematically God will increase the wealth, for people - believers this is not impossible. and the best of the guarding of knowledge is to LEAVE HIS.

9.    Desperate and Low Self-Esteem

Humans before God are the same and humans are born without carrying anything, be it knowledge, assets etc. According to the word of Allah Ta'ala " And God takes you out of your mother's stomach in a state of not knowing anything, and he gives you hearing, vision and conscience, so that you are grateful" (QS.An - Nahl: 78)
It's really an attitude of despair and feeling inferior is the biggest cause of failure in seeking knowledge. If someone sees the pleasure that is in his perfect limb and sees the availability of adequate means of studying, he will find that Allah's Ta'ala is upright on him.
What is meant here is that there is no reason for us not to know the science of religion / the laws of God because of the supporting facilities to demand the knowledge we have. do not feel inferior and make a wish if it is difficult to understand a science or difficult to memorize, all will be passed if we straighten our intentions and devote all our efforts.

10.    Delay the delay

The attitude of procrastination, according to some salaf scholars included in his army who would invade mankind's procrastination and dreaming had been described by Ibnul Qoyyim Rahimahulloh in his words "Indeed wishful thinking is the main capital of people who are bankrupt"
Procrastination is a dreamy servant to do something after a period of time has passed. People who like this do not know that death can reach them anytime and anywhere.
An Arabic poet said, "do not delay the practice of this day for tomorrow, because it may be, tomorrow comes but you are gone"
It was reported from Abu Ishaq, he said "once told someone from the Banu Abdul Qois, 'Give us advice' so he replied, 'Beware of procrastination'."
It was reported from Al - Hasan Bin Ali Bin Abi Tholib Radiyallhu Anhuma he said, "do not delay - pektua. Indeed you are the one who is today, not tomorrow. Suppose you find tomorrow, then make tomorrow like this (do not delay). But if you do not have tomorrow, and you will not regret the time that has engakau use today.

so the factors that influence the search for knowledge may be a benefit for MadSuk friends
thank you very much. Wassalam.

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